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Croatia, with Importer Mirena Bagur

Peter writes, "Marena Bagur came by last week to showcase the wines of Croatia, specifically the Komarna appellation in Dalmatia. She is a tireless promoter of the history, culture, wine and food of Croatia. We began with the 2018 Terra Madre Posip. This was the only white in the tasting and tasters were very impressed."
January 8, 2020


He continues,

The wine showed rich flavor with intensity and balance.

The reds all fall into the Zinfandel family of wines. Marena explained that Zinandel originated in Croatia where it is called Tribidrag. Plavic Mali is a close relative. Having said that these wines are not the heavily extracted, sweet fruit wines for which California is known. They share some of the fruit profile yet are more restrained, showing mineral and acidity. The 2015 Volarevic Plavac Mali Syrtis Blue Label was a really good introduction. There were lots of nice things going on with some complexity and good balance. The 2016 Rizman Tribidrag was richer and a bit too spicy for some, very nice for others.

The 2016 Terre Madre Plavic Mali Premium was different with its dusty, smokey character. 2015 Rizman Plavac Mali Reserve added a brambly earthy character and different spice. At this point tasters were getting a little confused as to how wines from the same grape and area could be so different. Before they got an answer we tasted the 2013 Volarevic Plavac Mali Syrtis Gold Reserve. This one was dramatic with sweet fruit aromas and very rich on the palate. One said the concentration reminded him of an Amarone.

Marena said these producers in Komarna supported each other in every way. One of the things they wanted to do was show the different faces of Plavic Mali that could result from terroir and individual winemaking. We would like to thank Marena very much for stopping by to inform and educate us about the fine wines of Croatia.



2018 Terre Madre Posip:  Balanced and rich with intriguing aromas and flavors of apricot and citrus. This wine is great with seafood, as you would expect. Very Good Plus Plus.  24/bottle 21.60/mixed case 20.40/case



2015 Volarevic Plavac Mali Syrtis Blue Label:  Full bodied with black plum, hints of cranberry and clove, and other spice notes in the finish. Very nice balance. Very Good Plus Plus  37.00/bottle 33.33/mixed case 31.45/case

2016 Rizman Tribidrag: This dark red is overtly spicy with raspberry and black tea and notes of almond and bramble. The mid palate is quite rich and then settles into a long dry finish. Very Good Plus to Excellent 46/bottle 41.40/mixed case 39.10/case

2016 Terre Madre Plavic Mali Premium:   Cranberry and pomegranate with hints of dark cherry and black pepper and dusty tannins. The finish is balanced and smooth. Very Good Plus to Excellent  40/bottle 36/mixed case 34/case

2015 Rizman Plavac Mali Reserve:  Deep red. Black plum and bramble with floral notes. Touches of smoke and leather and a spicy finish. Very Good Plus to Excellent. 46/bottle 41.40/mixed case 39.10/case

2013 Volarevic Plavac Mali Syrtis Gold Reserve: Plum, black cherry, raspberry  with notes of cinnamon, leather and tobacco. Rich mid palate and a dry finish with nuance and complexity. Exotic and balanced. Excellent  65/bottle 58.50/mixed case 55.25/case


Special six pack: One bottle each of the above wines for a special price of $232

Special case: Two bottles each of the above wines for a special price of $439


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           - Peter Hemenway