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Ch. Pesquie with Fred Chaudiere

The most ordered was the Paradou Viognier Blanc, which showed a lot of value for the money.
April 11, 2024


The most ordered was the Paradou Viognier Blanc , which showed a lot of value for the money.


The tasters’ greatest praise came for the Quintessence Blanc, which showed the savory heady fruit that comes from that grape at its best, together with a refreshing food-friendly acidity.


The Paradou Cinsault had a lot of character, with the weight and fruit of a Beaujolais cru, nicely offset by a flight tannic burr. Lightly chilled, it will be a great bbq wine.


The Rose was a last minute addition. It was well-liked, nicely balanced and crisp.


Terrasses Blanc is fermented and aged entirely in tank. The classic floral and pit fruit flavors and aromas of tits Viognier base are tempered by the crispness of Clairette and the creamy weight of Roussanne and Grenache Blanc.


Roussanne dominates Quintessence Blanc. Pesquie's chalky high-elevation vineyards give it more the character of a northern Rhone – flowers, white peach, and citrus peel with lively acidity and sapid minerality,  unlike its fatter, heavier versions from warmer parts of the Southern Rhone.


Terrasses Rouge is mostly Syrah and Grenache. Limestone-rich soils make for a bright, lively wine with enticing red fruit flavors and aromas of garrigue – thyme and rosemary.


Quintessence Rouge remains one of the region's benchmark wines and a tremendous value. Quintessence is a blend of primarily Syrah with a small proportion of Grenache– all from 50+-year-old vines planted at high elevations. Fermented with natural yeasts, it is aged 18 months in barrel, half new. 




The Paradou vineyards are at higher elevations and planted on poor clay-limestone or sandy soils. To make lighter, more drinkable wines, winemaking is simple and uncomplicated. It is conducted in stainless steel tanks or concrete vats to preserve these wines' aromatic charms and crunchy fruit flavors.



From cooler vineyards at higher elevations, Le Paradou Viognier comes from vines rooted in rocky hillsides of porous limestone soils to get a mineral wine with bright acidity and no flab. It is aged entirely in tank to retain freshness and purity.


Cinsault Rouge

Cinsault makes delightful rosé wines It brings a lightness and grace to heartier red blends. Fred and Alex love it on its own for its freshness, forthright red fruit flavors, and more moderate alcohol.




2023 Paradou Viognier; Color: very pale green; Mouth: rich fruit, direct slightly citrusy, rounded spicy clean; Good Plus - Very Good  $14.99; Case, $12.74


2022 Chateau Pesquie Terrasses Blanc; Aroma: fresh and lifted, pretty, forward, light and fresh, sift citrus, ; Very Good  $16.99; Case, $14.44


2020 Pesquie Ventoux Quintessence Blanc ; full and savory, with bright red plum note l;ong amd satisfying Very Good-Excellent $28.99, Case $24.99



2021 Le Paradou Cinsault Very Good                                                           $14.99, Case $12.99


2022 Pesquie Ventoux Terrasses Rouge Very Good Plus                     $16.99, Case $14.49


2020 Pesquie Ventoux Quintessence Rouge  very dark and broodingVery Good-Excellent $26.99, Case $22.99


4/11/24 Pesquie Case, two each of the above wines    $199

Or mix your own case of 12 at the case prices

Delivery of orders less than $199 might incur a delivery charge


Also a surprise we had 

2023 Chateau Pesquie Terrasses Rose; Color: very pale ; Aroma: light clean very fresh, very floral, pretty nice lively acidity; Mouth: clean rounded nice fruit, bright rounded plummy fruit, long; Very Good Plus$19.99; Case, $16.99


Or mix your own case of 12 at the case prices

Delivery of orders less than $199 might incur a delivery charge


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