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Byron Kosuge

People were impressed with Byron's quiet expertise and felt they had learned a lot about winemaking from his explanations of how he applied them.
April 27, 2022



Byron Kosuge

Two wines stood out as the most ordered. Byron added some Gamay to his  2021 Rose Of Pinot Noir. People loved the zingy brightness it added to the typically relatively flat California Pinot.

The 2009 Syrah from Hudson Vineyard in Carneros was extraordinary; softly mature Syrah with the rare white pepper spice of the better wines of the northern Rhone. Its ratio of pleasure to price inspired quite a lot of orders. 

Age had been more than kind to the 2017 Sonoma Chardonnay. It still had some vibrancy, but that was folded into a whole of dense centered fruit. It was definitely Sonoma but with the shape and maturity of an Old World version.

The 2020 Pinot Noir showed some of the brashness of youth, but the Shop was more forward, and the Hirsch had all the pedigree of its vineyard.



2017 Chardonnay; Aroma: sweet & heady, very intense rich, dense, heady wood; Mouth: clean, firm, richly textured classic, butterscotched northern California chard; Very Good Plus $24, Prearrival $20



2021 Rose of Pinot Noir; Aroma: lower toned, closed, pretty, round fruit; Mouth: ripe, clean, juicy, firm, tight, lean fine acid finish; Very Good Plus $24, Prearrival $20



2020 Gamay Noir; Aroma: bright clean, racy, reserved spice, deep plum; Mouth: juicy ripe fresh, smooth, fine acid, tight clean, long finish light fine acid tannins; Very Good Plus $32, Prearrival $26

2020 Pinot Noir Sonoma; Color: very dark black; Aroma: pure heady, dense, rich, full, deep spice; Mouth: juicy, bright, clean pretty, fine acid very intense, young, ratter dense, very vigorous will calm down with some tine; Very Good Plus $43, Prearrival $35

2018 Pinot Noir Shop; Aroma: deep, very dense, thick, ripe; Mouth: dense sweet, bright full, fat, juicy, fine tannins, clean ripe, full, dense; Very Good Plus $43, Prearrival $35

2018 Pinot Noir Hirsch; Color: medium-dark; Aroma: bright, clean, fresh; light, very new, fresh pretty; Mouth: smooth fat, sweet fat sticks to your mouth, fine  long; Very Good - Excellent $64, Prearrival $52

2009 Syrah Hudson; Aroma: heady lifted, aromatic with bacon, richly sweet, tapenade; Mouth: ripe, dense, fine acid, dark, jammy fresh, secondary notes, fine tannins, low toned long; Excellent $40, Prearrival $32


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