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Warm Wines for Cold Days
January 17, 2024

No need for a fire in our cellar. This week's wines will warm you from the inside and pair well with the hearty meals we crave this winter.


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Wed Jan 17, 2024

Warm Wines for Cold Days

In-store, 5 - 6:30pm




Winter Warmers

Baby, it's Cold Outside!!


No need for a fire in our cellar. This week's wines will warm you from the inside and pair well with the hearty meals we crave this winter.




2020 TerraNoble Carmenere Gran Reserva

Carmenere is the lost Bordeaux grape rediscovered in Chile - if you don't know the story, we'll tell it at the tasting. Formerly mistaken for Merlot, it's spicier and tangier than that grape without the tannins of cabernet. TerraNobles gran reserva is hearty and rich, nicely framed by oak.

Color: almost black opaque; Aroma: all smoke & spice, heady rather less ripe than the 2009 but full, very rich, coffee & sweet fruit; Mouth: lightly lean spicy, clean acidity, black cherry pipe tobacco, currant fruit, the promise of richness with air; Very Good Plus $21; Case, $17.85


Ch du Cedre Cahors Heritage

It's Malbec here, from the place of its origin in southwest France. What used to be called black wine is, in this version, sweet, warm, and lively. Try it with cassoulet or any other savory winter bean stew.

; Aroma: light in affect, heady and rich, very aromatic, fresh; Mouth: bright acid, clean fresh, very lively, firm, somewhat tannic, with air the fruit comes up to balance the acid Very Good Plus $21; Case, $17.85


2020 Ogier Cotes du Rhone les Temps est Venue

Stephane Ogier is one of the stars of CoteRotie in the northern Rhone., where his highly sought-after wines run in the hundreds per bottle. His The Time has Come is a classic southern Rhone assembled from vineyards just north of Chateauneuf du Pape. It has the same winemaking and incisive crisp solidity as his northern wines and a lot of character for the money.

Color: Very dark, heady, very complete; Aroma: Heady, very full, soft, rich, a lot of depth, some sweetness; Mouth: Juicy, intense fine tannins, clean, firm balanced; Very Good Plus $24.99; Case, $21.24


2019 Marnaveli Saperavi Oak Aged

The Saperavi grape is to Georgia as Cabernet is to Napa Valley or Shiraz to Australia. Still, it has a deeper, darker tone that is more powerful than either of those and is long on the palate. Marvelli's version is modernized and softer on entry while retaining the grape's powerful character.

; Aroma: Heady & rich light, bright very dense & bright firm; Mouth: Bright, clean fine tannin, pretty,fine-edged a tannic tingle; Very Good Plus $24.99; Case, $21.24


2020 Hugh Hamilton Black Ops Shiraz Saperavi

Australian Hugh Hamilton had the inspiration to make a rare blend. His Black Ops is a graceful Shiraz from McLaren Vale, given more thrust and a darker undertone from 20% Saperavi grape. While supple, it's also powerful and has become a favorite among some of our Rd. Loving customers.

Aroma: Dense dried spice and violets, then heady fruit. Plums and blackberries; Very Good Plus $24.99; Case, $21.24




Quinta do Infantado Tawny Port; Aroma: Light, very dry nutty, chewy, light caramel toffee; Mouth: Medium sweet, dry heady, very balanced & integrated; Very Good Plus $19.99; Case, $16.99


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