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Torabhaig Allt Glean

Well-Tempered Peat, Well Crafted Malt - read on...
November 29, 2021



The second release from Torabhaig, the newest distillery on The Isle of Sky, is very impressive.

Not surprising. Last winter, we offered their first release. It impressed our customers and me and sold out very quickly.

This new craft distillery does everything right, with great attention to detail. They select their strains of barley and “Well Temper” their peat. They work as naturally as can be. They do not chill filter or add color.  They get as mature a younger whiskey as I have tasted. The smoke is just the right intensity and not medicinal at all.

This distillery intrigues me; they are on a course to make better and better whiskies over the coming years. I’m following Torabhaig. You should, too.

The allocations are small; only 30 barrels were selected, and that is for the world.  This release is very Limited - First come, first served.


Torabhaig Allt Glean 46%  - $69.99

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Joe Howell .


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