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Tomatin 30 Y O

Great Deal on a Fine Highland Malt. read on...
March 27, 2020

Tomatin 30 YO   


Patience is a virtue, we waited a long time for this one. In these uncertain times we have just the thing to put a little balance on this situation, a Thirty Y.O. Highland that was matured in a combination of ex- bourbon casks and traditional oak casks at a great price.

The Tomatin 30-Year-Old delivers fresh aromas of soft fruits, golden honey and smooth white chocolate. On the palate, it’s a fusion of tropical fruits and creamy buttered vanilla mingle in an explosion of sensational mixed spices

This single malt hits your palate with a full mouthfeel and your taste buds will be doing a dance. Balanced and in great harmony, its grace and elegance make it worth what people have been paying for it.

It comes in its own wooden presentation case and leatherette carry pouch. That only enhances it as a special gift that you should give to yourself or a friend

Crazy times make for crazy prices We got a great deal on this whiskey that Jim Murray called brilliant. We took all we could get. Not a lot. 

This is great value - take a look at the price of 30 Y.O. single malts.


Tomatin 30 Year Old Batch 1 46 ABV

Reg:$599.99 - Sale price $324.99


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Joe Howell .


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