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Make It a Federal Case!
November 9, 2022

This year's Federal Cases combine some tried and true favorites and wines that impressed us for quality and value in our tastings. We have carefully selected these wines for you and your friends to love.


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Make It a Federal Case!

2022 Editions

Save 20% over retail price


This year's Federal Cases combine some tried and true favorites and wines that impressed us for quality and value in our tastings. We have carefully selected these wines for you and your friends to love. If you give them, you will undoubtedly get praise for your good taste.


The 2022 Federal Case

Save 21% over retail price


This year's Federal Case is the best yet. From Oregon to Sicily, from Napa Valley to the slopes of an active volcano, an eclectic dozen that had been or tasted like much more expensive wines. 

To start, an American Blanc de Blanc sparkler that many mistake for champagne, a Loire Sauvignon Blanc that drinks like Sancerre, two Italian seafood wines, an old vine Chablis, and a Riesling from famous producer's best vineyard.

The reds: A winning Willamette Pinot Noir, an Haut Medoc that wowed the critics, a bold and lively Rhone-like southern French red that will surprise and delight, a Chianti and Nebbiolo that represent classics from Tuscany and Piedmont, and a red Loire find that became a sleeper of a customer favorite.

It's a collection of twelve stunning wines at under $20 a bottle, plus a Federal Wine corkscrew to open them and a champagne stopper to preserve 



Gruet Sauvage Blanc de Blancs

Exceptional champagne-like sparkler


2021 Dyckerhoff Reuilly Sauvignon Blanc

You won't believe it's not Sancerre

2019 Terlan Pinot Grigio

There is Pinot Grigio, and then there is Terlan -among the best

2020 Deux Roches St. Veran

Popular white burgundy from a great vintage

2019 Burklin Wolf Weissburgunder

Pinot Blanc c of great richness and purity

2020 Evesham Woods Puits Sec Blanc

Dry Riesling made savory by added Gewurz – a tasting favorite


2019 Chehalem Vineyards Chemistry Pinot Noir 

Oregon Pinot rounded, complete, and mature

2019 Alma Negra M Blend

Rich and spicy Malbec blend

2016 Ch. Haut Queyran (Haut Medoc)

Smooth, mature Claret

2021 Vallepicciola Chianti Classico

A classic from a classic region by one of Italy's best makers

2015 Valenti Etna Rosso Norma

Another tasting hit, smooth mature from Sicily's cult mountain vineyard

2019 Ste. Pauline Terrasses de Larzac

Warmth, richness & complexity from the South of France

and a Federal Wine Corkscrew and champagne stopper

$239 Net


~ ~ ~


The 2022 Federal Executive Case

Save 24% over retail prices


This year's Federal Executive Case includes some favorites of the year.

To wit, a highly regarded house's savory and full food champagne, a fine vintage estate premier cru white burgundy, full Loire Sauvignon Blanc, and a unique White from Mt Etna

The reds are a fine Barolo from an exciting young producer, an estate single-vineyard Burgundy Pinot Noir, a fine chianti, an estate Napa cabernet from a fine vintage, and a bold Rhone, classic Barolo and chianti, and a unique Austrian red

 They are sure to please discriminating palates. 



Lejeune-Dirvang Clos des Fourches 1er Cru Nature

Dry, rich, concentrated, a grower's single vineyard champagne 


2020 GrosJean Petite Arvine

 An unusual Italian Alpine, fragrant & evocative

2020 Curveux Pouilly Fuisse Vigne Blanche 1er Cru

Single vineyard rich & balanced Chardonnay from Burgundy

2020 Tornatore Pietrarizzo Etna Bianco

Herbal and dry from Mt etna

2020 Pelle Menetou-Salon Clos Blanchais

Next to Sancerre, better than most


2017 Racquillet Mercurey les Carabys 1erCru

Mature elegant Burgundian Pinot Noir

2020 Moric Blaufrankisch

Unique spicy, Rich Austrian, a customer favorite

2016 Luigi Oddero Barolo Convento

One of the hot new producers in Piedmont

2016 Rocca di Castagnoli Gran Selezione Stiele

The very expression of pure Tuscany

2020 Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon

fine estate, fine Napa vintage 

2017 Cune Vina Real Rioja Gran Reserva

Deep rich, classic Rioja

2015 Roucas Toumba Vaqueyras Les Resatanques de Cabassoulle

Like a rich, hearty Chateauneuf du Pape on steroids

with a Federal Wine corkscrew and a champagne preserver

$425 Net


Order by phone at 617.367.8605, or reserve here: order@federalwine.com


Please pass this on to any friends who are wine enthusiasts!


           - Len Rothenberg




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