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This Week's Special Stay-at-Home Selections

The Small Pleasures Case + Drew's Local Craft Beer Favorites
April 15, 2020

For our third  stay-at-home Small-Pleasure case we’ve added some great new values we’ve come across to some of your favorites from our offers of the last few weeks. They can be ordered as our mixed case of two of each, or 12 of one wine or in any combination for the maximum discount. We continue to deliver both downtown and wherever you are, and provide curbside pickup if you prefer.


Lugging a Cask

“Don’t know if I could get through this without wine.

Some people hoard toilet paper; we’re hoarding cabernet.”

- Gail Collins


These are two great value reds  a full and pungent California Rose, a very popular Riesling, a balanced Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc, and a Federal favorite, a spicy Vermentino .

The 2018 Pala Vermentino di Sardegna I Fiori is made  by Mario Pala and his family. Mario says all of his wines are flowers of Sardinia, meaning that they express terroir. it is from an old single vineyard and the wine is made in stainless steel with extended skin contact. It’s made for seafood.

Stolpman is a small handcraft organic winery in California's Central Coast. There single vineyard Ballard Canyon Sauvignon Blanc is quite impressive for its very nice balance between fruit and steely limestone. It is generous in the mouth with appetizing hints of lemon and grass, the most satisfyingly rounded moderately priced Sauvignon Blanc we've come across of late.

The 2016 Georg Breuer Riesling Sauvage  was a runaway hit with our customers last week, so we wanted to offer it to those who prefer to mix it up with other wines. Dry, cool, and intense, it is a classic all-purpose Riesling from a great producer.

Ian Brand is fast becoming one of our favorite new winemakers. To his very  good Petit Paysan Chardonnay add a nicely complex  and spicy California Rose. His  classic "Rhone" blend of Mourvèdre, Grenache, & Cinsault has a comes from early picked grapes to givenatural acidity. The 2018 is rounded and full, great company for almost anything on the backyard grill.

Two extraordinarily good values in lighter to medium bodied red wines.

couldn't refuse a deal on Château La Roche Joubert; from Bordeaux’s  Right Bank Côte de Bourg, it is mostly Merlot, but  Merlot à la Bordelaise, firmer than most from the New World, accentuated by the crisp style the 2014 vintage. That is offset in part by six years’ aging  that gives roundness and a bit of complexity. In a crisper style this is a perfect example of what the English call lunch claret, lighter easy to drink and food friendly. Only 10 cases available.

We have more of the 2016 Domaine des Chesnaie Bourgeuil Cuvee Prestige. It is been one of Seth's favorite wines for years, but is new to the rest of us , a medium bodied Loire Cabernet Franc with just the right amount of heft and fruit richness, a light touch of oak, and some good structure. It's a very satisfying midweight wine that is a lot better thananything else at its $15 price.



2018 Pala Vermentino di Sardegna I Fiori : Straw gold with green highlights. Persistent floral aromas and scents and flavors of lime and balsam. Smooth with good depth and a long finish.  Very Good Plus  19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99

2018 Stolpman Sauvignon BlancOrganic; Aroma: creamy rounded, a slightly steely edge; Mouth: rather sweet rich, soft, clean muted grass, a lemon note on the finish; Very Good Plus 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99

2016 Georg Breuer Riesling Sauvage; Aroma: vibrant notes of lime, slate , and a hint of peach, ; Mouth: intense & mouth-flling, forward and exciting,  the lime  with an added saline note, juicy, and long  ; Very Good - Excellent 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99



2018 Le P'tit Paysan Pirouette Rose; Color: light orange; Aroma: rather pretty, ,mineral, herbal, very heady; Mouth: juicy spicy,   nice sweet acid, , tangy, herbqceous and round lingering fruit, long; Very Good Plus 17.99; Mixed Case, 16.19; Case, 15.29



2014 Ch. La Roche Joubert (Cote de Bourg); Aroma: light fresh rather fruity, some nice spiced pear; Mouth: smooth clean rather bright fleshy , smoot with light underlying oak counterbalanced by a flinty taste not texture of tannin on the finish  classic ; Very Good 12.99; Mixed Case, 11.69; Case, 11.04

2016 Domaine des Chesnaie Bourgeuil Cuvee Prestige; Aroma: clean rather edgy, rather rich, very dense; Mouth: clean soft textured rather firm, bright acid clean firm, fine tannin, long; Very Good Plus 14.99; Mixed Case, 13.49; Case, 12.74


Small Pleasures Case: Special, two each of the above wines - $181

Downtown Small Pleaures Pack: one each of the above wines - $96


mix any 12 for 15% off

6-11 for 10% off

Some wines arrive tomorrow


Order by phone at 617.367.8605, or reserve here: order@federalwine.com


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For Beer Lovers


Drew writes,

Local breweries have had to close their taprooms and many are struggling with social distancing . We will be featuring them and .we have put together a mixed case local sampler.  We will also be including a beer of the week.

You can add cases, or packs of these or any beers we have to a delivery.


Beer of the Week

Lamplighter Rabbit Rabbit Hard -to-get Lamplighter has given us us more of their tight allocation of products.   I am excited to have a healthy store of their double dry hopped, double named for the proliferation of fluffy bunnies in Cambridge.  $16.00/4pk


Local IPA Support Case

Bent Water Equivalent Exchange (Lynn): Juicy Pineapple notes balance with earthy hops and and sweet malt undertones.  $16/4pk

Medusa Laser Cat (Hudson):  this cat from another planet balance hop bitterness and caramel malt notes phenomenally for a cosmic experience.  $16/4pk

Lamplighter Birds of a Feather (Cambridge): A dank NE IPA with notes of resin and pineapple with layered intricacy through the entire sip.  $15/4pk

Night shift Santili (Everett): Hoppy and tropical West coast style with a superb balance of juice and bitterness. $14/4pk 

Mighty Squirrel Cloud Candy (Waltham): Rich and layered tropical flavors blend into a soft, crisp finish. 


Turtle Swamp Orange Line (Jamaica Plain): A New England style with more stone fruit flavors than tropical flavors. The flavor and bitterness integrate together for a smooth delicious brew.  


Local Support IPA Case (24 bottles) $83.20

All prices include deposit


Order by phone at 617.367.8605, or reserve here: order@federalwine.com


Please pass this on to any friends who are wine and/or beer enthusiasts!


           - Len Rothenberg