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On Croatia's Dalmatian Coast
February 8, 2024




Fakin Malvasia 2022 

Native to the Istria, Malvasia Istriana differs from other Malvasias. It is a dry wine with a golden/yellow color and green nuances. It has a creamy full body with a distinct varietal aroma and a pleasant and well-rounded mineral taste. Fakis’s 2021 won a Decanter gold medal

2021 won Decanter Gold.) Pair with pasta with truffles, $29.99, Case, $25.49



Merga Victa Pošip 2022, Korkula Island older vineyard, classic taste of Pošip

From greenish to yellow color, it’s a classic example of the Pošip grape, a lively, fruity wine packed full of freshness, intense aroma, and flavor-evoking lemon, dried apricots, and figs. reminiecent of Sauvignon Blanc or Viogner. Pair with oysters, seafood, $29.99, Case, $25.49




Two expressions of the Babic grape - to oak or not to oak

Testament Winery, Dalmatian Dog Babić 2019North Dalmatia 

Fresh, lively wine with sour cherry notes from cooler vineyards. Pair with tuna, dark poultry

 $23.99, Case, $21


Bibich Winery, Babić 2016 North Dalmatia 

Sour cherry notes, oak-aged Pair with dark meat dishes

(Winemaker Alen Bibić and his wines appeared in Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to Croatia

 $37, Case, $31.49


Fakin Winery Teran 2022, Istria

Teran (indigenous to Istria) has a ruby red color that, with aging, passes into brick red tones. Full and robust bodied with a flavor and nose of forest fruits. Its acidity and tannins give it roundness and a long aftertaste. Ideal for longer aging. Pair with meat dishes, red sauce pasta, $29.99, Case, $25.49


Two From Plavac Mali grape– related to but not like Zinfandel


Stina Winery, Cuvee 2018 island of Brač

Plavac Mali 70% + 10% each of Cab, Merlot and Syrah

Limestone fields on top of hills

Dark red in color, the wine is dominated by spicy notes and red and black fruits featuring supple tannins and notes of dried plums and cherry. Flavors and notes of pepper, smoke, and spice. 

International in style, this wine benefits from the dominant influence of indigenous Plavac Mali, hand-harvested when it reaches phenolic ripeness. Pair with lamb, tuna on the grill, or charcuterie $26.99, Case, $22.99


Violić Jurica Winery Dingač Plavac Mali 2018,

From Croatia’s first certified appellation known for its very steep slopes bush vines. Manual labor only.

The grape in a modern international style full of flavors of dark fruits and soft tannins. It stands out for its dark, ruby color and strong aroma of dark fruit. The taste is complex, full, and harmonious, with pronounced notes of spices, dark chocolate, and mature wood. The tannins are soft, and the finish is long-lasting and refined. 

Pair with meat dishes, especially roasted red meat, game, aromatic cheeses, and dark chocolate. 

 $66, Case, $56


Dalmatian Vacation Case, one each Bibich Babic and Dingac, two of the others $329


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