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Hatozaki Distillery

Omakase Pure Malt Edition First Release 46 percent - read on...
March 9, 2022

Hatozaki Whisky


High-end Japanese restaurants pride is their Omakase tasting menu, in which they present the chef’s choice of what he thinks is the best of his dishes.

The Yonezawa family wanted their first release pure malt to be just that, a sampling of their best efforts. They have a long and rich tradition. They began as master sake brewers in 1856 and added distilling in 1917.

Master Blender and distiller Kimio Yonezawa aged a blend of selected best malts for eight years in American and Mizunara casks. Native Japanese Mizanura white oak is rare and expensive and gives the best Japanese whiskies their unique character. 

He made only ten casks. This whiskey is pure, not colored or chill-filtered. It is a rich and spicy heavyweight with a sweet taste of malted cereals and dried fruit, a light smokey undertone, and an aromatic honey finish. It shows that the Yonezawa family knows what they are doing


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Omakase Pure Malt Edition First Release 46%

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