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Georgian Wines - Two Grapes, Two Versions
August 24, 2022

New winemakers have been quietly revolutionizing how many West Coast wines, especially reds, are being made. Our friend, wine educator George Staikos will conduct the tasting.


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Wednesday, August 24, 5 - 6:30

Georgian Wines

Two Grapes – Two Versions



Georgian Wines

Two Grapes – Two Versions

This is the country in the Caucasus, not the state.

As anybody who works with Georgian wines will tell you, the country has a 5000-year tradition of making wine and may indeed have been its birthplace. This does not mean that there are no modern-style wines, which is the point of tonight's tasting. We are happy to welcome Atuka Pataridze, the owner of the Marnaveli winery in Georgia, who will present four of his wines. They come from two grapes emerging as Georgia's unique and signature varieties.

Whether or not Rkatisteli was the first grape planted by Noah after the flood, it is currently, the most widely planted white grape in Georgia. Marnaveli's is in a more modern style which tends to be lightly floral with stone fruit, apple, or quince. We will taste two versions, one clean and pure without oak, and one richer styled aged a few months in oak barrels.

Saperavi is Georgia's most widely planted grape. It is not unlike Syrah or Touriga Nacional. Dark colored, with strong acids and tannins, full-bodied, and rich in dark fruit and savory flavors, it adds depth and structure to what has become one of our most popular barbecue wines. Hugh Hamilton's Black Ops. Again we will have two versions, unoaked and oaked. I particularly liked the oaked version here.



2020 Marnaveli Rkatsiteli; Aroma: Plummy fruity dense, very modern; Mouth: Fruity simple, clean fleshy fat; Very Good 13.99; Case, 11.99

2020 Marnaveli Rkatsiteli Oak; Color: Pale green; Aroma: Fresh juicy, intense, rich & full; Mouth: Ample sweet intense  clean fullish; Very Good Plus 18.99; Case, 15.99



2019 Marnaveli Saperavi; Color: Very dark black; Aroma: Heady and complete, a bit of edge  deep, very, full; Mouth: Light on the attack garfish edge  bright, powerful tannin a touch vacant on the finish; Very Good Plus 16.99; Case, 13.99

2019 Marnaveli Saperavi Oak; Aroma: Heady & rich light bright, very dense & bright firm; Mouth: Bright, clean fine tannin pretty  fine edged, a tannic tingle; Very Good Plus 19.99; Case 16.99


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