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Evesham Wood Pinot Noirs

2018 Pinot Noir Eola Amity, Value and Finesse ~ 2017 Pinot Noir Le Puits Sec Vineyard, Oregon's Best Pinot Noir?
March 3, 2021




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When I taste for the store and you, I taste for the quality before I ask the price. Most times the price reveal saddens me but I was excited by this wine from a low-profile vineyard that I've known for a long time.

Evesham Wood was founded and originally planted in the 80s. They dry farm and organically grow their grapes and practice restrained extraction and production methods; fermentations with a pied de cuve of natural yeast, aging in primarily well-used French oak barrels, racking by hand, and no filtration. All is artisanal; the whole production in the winery is 5000 cases a year.


The 2018 Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Eola Amity Hills Cuvee is a strong step up from their Willamette bottling. Although 2018 was a warm Willamette vintag, it is not overstuffed but smooth textured, rich in fruit but with a fine underlying acid line that gives the wine definition. Were it burgundy, it would be counted among those of more finesse. Only its smooth, pliant texture says that it is New World.

2018 Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Eola Amity Hills Cuvee Color: very dark and dense; Aroma: reserved, herbal bright, firm, light rather clean, plum in the nose a hint of sur-maturity; Mouth: fine acid clean, rich, very well balanced, classically styled, very good intensity that leans more toward strawberry, firm, bright & long; on the finish Very Good - Excellent 


29.99; Special case 299.88, (24.99 the bottle)

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2017 Evesham Wood Le Puits Sec  Eola Amity

Oregon's Best Pinot Noir?


The heart of the Evesham Wood Estate is their original Le Puits Sec (Dry Well) Vineyard. It has made for fine wines for decades but Decanter, Britain's premier wine magazine gave the 2017 special recognition in their January issue.

Charles Curtis MW, who has their Burgundy beat, rated the 2017 Evesham Wood le Puits Sec as the best of the current crop of Oregon Pinots, a digit or three above the single vineyard or reserve wines from Beaux Freres, Domaine Drouhin, and Lingua Franca for those who count such things. He wrote:

"An impressive wine from a dry-farmed, certified organic 1.8ha vineyard, first planted in 1986. Superbly elegant violet-tinged cherry fruit with a hint of spice, developing gracefully to take on a smoky subtlety and supple depth, showing hints of freshly turned earth. The texture is seductively silky and delicate, yet there is rewarding density and length."


2017 Evesham Wood le Puits Sec -Pinot Noir Eola Amity

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           - Len Rothenberg




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