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Bruichladdich Distillery Specials

The Bruichladdich Distillery creates thought-provoking whiskies. Bruichladdich is their unpeated label, unusual for its origin in Islay. Read on...
March 29, 2024


Bruichladdich Distillery Specials


The Bruichladdich Distillery creates thought-provoking whiskies. Bruichladdich is their unpeated label, unusual for its origin in Islay. The distillery was revived in 2001 with an additional ethos to deliver excellence through sustainable practices.  

The Classic Laddie


Bruichladdich Laddie
The Classic Laddie is Bruichladdich’s signature six-year-old bottling that can vary from year to year but generally balances fruit and floral notes. It’s a worthy staple in anyone’s collection. $72.99





Bruichladdich 18 yr

Bruichladdich 18
We are thrilled to get early access to this wonderful dram just released. It is aged in ex-bourbon casks with a few from Sauternes and port, which add sweet and floral notes and ultimately produce a super elegant whiskey. It is simply delicious.

COLOR: Apricot

NOSE: Beautifully fragrant with ripe peach and honeysuckle, hints of violet and lavender come through on the nose – balanced with vanilla and creamed coconut from the toasted American oak. A medley of tropical fruit comes to the front, with melon, peaches, apricot, Vibrant citrus, honey, caramel vanilla custard, and rich crème brulee from the oak 

PALATE: Luxurious and viscous honey, butterscotch, and fresh fruits coat the palate, followed by cereal notes of sweet, syrup-soaked porridge, barley sugar, and toasted oak. Vibrant tropical fruit and the subtle presence of toasted oak with a hint of leather follow, with honeycomb adding to the smooth, sweet character.

FINISH: The classic minerality for which Bruichladdich is renowned, perfectly balanced with oak, stone fruit, and a delicate floral bouquet. $185


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Special; Bruichladdich  Laddie and 18 Pairing  $229.99. (8 Sets Available)



Bruichladdich 2011 Organic

Bruichladdich 2011
For those who want to experience true provenance, the Bruichladdich 2011 Organic single malt is for you. The barley comes from a single estate, Mid Coul Farms, Dalcross. It was aged 11 years in first-fill bourbon barrels.  

 Aromas of crème brulee, cantaloupe melon, mint leaves, and lemon rind fill the nose, complemented by notes of toasted oak, creamy barley, vanilla fudge, ripe pear, golden syrup, and salty sea air throughout the palate. 50% $115.99       



Black Art 10.1

Bruichladdich Black Art
The Black Art series is shrouded in mystery. It comprises at least 29-year-old unpeated single malt goodness. It is exceedingly well balanced for a dram that boasts big maltiness and deep fruits, retaining that syrupy mouthfeel without being overbearing.

 COLOR: Rich tawny

NOSE: Dried fruits, leather, and a hint of citrus immediately open on the nose, followed by a fresh sea breeze. Sweet fruit and floral notes with poached pear, delicate rose hip syrup, black cherry, and sweet mango. The aromas open to cedar and mellow oak, complemented with butterscotch, praline, honey, and a hint of cinnamon. Warming oats are balanced with fragrant notes of rose and pear drops.

PALATE: Dried fruits, dates, raisins, barley sugar, leather, and oak open on the palate, followed by butterscotch sweetness, praline, and hints of coconut and fresh citrus. Sweet apple and pear are married with toasted oak, warming wood spice, dark plums, and marzipan, with layers of depth opening with each sip.

FINISH: Oak, dried fruit, with Christmas cake notes of sultanas, fig, marzipan, and lingering honey, adding to the beautifully rounded finish.$749, two available



1990 Gordon & MacPhail Bruichladdich Cask Strength 15 YO

1990 G M
In the depths of our cellar, we found a Gordon & MacPhail 15-year-old cask strength Bruichladdich distilled in 1990. We think this could be the only bottle available in the world. We are offering it for only $475. First come, first served.






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