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2021 Nom de Zeus!!!

Lusty Cabernet Franc for Your Tuesday Burger
September 23, 2022


Nom de Zeus!!!

Where the French say 'Nom de Zeus,' some of us would say 'Ye Gods.' That was close to my reaction on tasting this the first time.

  On the label, Zeus casts thunderbolts at various beasts, from a partridge to an auroch (the wine will partner any of the pictured animals, best if the auroch is recently thawed)

Burgers, bulgogi, or tacos, too. Nom de Zeus !!! is all estate Loire Valley Cabernet Franc. It would bear a fancier name, save that it does not contain the sulfites required in the appellation

Three things to know about this and any unsulfured wine

1) It won't make you blush deep red if you are sensitive.

2) Free of sulfite constraint, its natural fruit flavors burst out. With enough weight for fall, this is a big mouthful of hearty dark fruit spiced with Cabernet Franc's piquant earth and a hint of tapenade. Low-toned, it has enough acid together with a light thrum of tannin to call for and welcome your next bite.

3) It is a wine for now, this fall, and winter. Although opulent to start, an unsulfured wine is well a tad unstable. When the weather warms up again, the elements that sulfites suppress could wake up and add some less pleasant notes.

Nom de Zeus is wine for every day, at an everyday price. You might even want two cases. We are happy to help out with that.

 2021 Lame Delisle-Boucard Nom de Zeus!!!- Organic; Aroma: Lightly herbal, fresh rounded; Mouth: Clean, light, fresh, pretty lean, lots of dark, rich fruit, nice aromatics, just a touch of a tapenade, good bottom; Good Plus - Very Good 15.99; Special case $159, 13.25 


Save $40- Special two-case price $278

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           - Len Rothenberg




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