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The Complete Provencal Rose

2021 Chateau Ste Roseline Lampe de Meduse
May 27, 2022


Ch. Ste. Roseline


Provencal Roses have become very popular, even for those who have not visited the Riviera. The mass and film-star-endorsed brands are designed to be easy on the palate with straightforward, satisfying, deep fruit. Aficionados prefer more elegant versions with a bright food=friendly acid that tingles the palate. I taste a lot of them and love them and found one that combines the best parts of both.

Chateau St Roseline is an historic property dating back to the 11th century. It takes its name from the 13th-century abbess of the site's convent, whose remains lie in a crypt below the property's centerpiece's cloister.

Ste Roseline was named one of only a dozen Provencal estates elevated in 1955 to be classified to the coveted cru classé, classed growth estates in Provence. Their Lampe de Meduse, Medusa's lamp in its distinctive bottle, is their pride of the estate.

A large proportion of Grenache gives it a palate caressing depth and heft comparable to those of a more expensive rose. Cinsault adds minerality and finesse. We are not the only ones to get its quality. This year, this 2021 was awarded a gold medal at France's Independent Winemakers Competition.

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2021 Ste Roseline Cotes de Provence Lampe de Meduse; Color: pale orange; Aroma: reserved, deeper pale heady; Mouth: very intense and rich, full and fat - fine acidity, very powerful, delicate and rich at the same time; Very Good - Excellent 24.99; Case, 254.88 (21.24(


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Arrives in about two weeks


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