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2020 Ezio Cocito Langhe Bianco Ben Turno

Unique Star of Piedmont Bianco
July 13, 2022


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Ezio Cocito


Now from Piedmont, we will show something new and unique. Many of you know Ezio Cocito for his amazing Barbaresco.

 This is the first white Ezio has made. It’s from an ancient family vineyard that Ezio just brought back into the family. The 2020 Ezio Cocito Langhe Bianco Ben Turno is made with a blend of a clone of Arneis crossed with Moscato and Sylvaner grapes. “Ben Turno” means welcome back. Let’s just say that this wine has heightened aromatics.

 2020 Ezio Cocito Langhe Bianco Ben Turno: Bright straw with green highlights. Intense fresh fruit and heightened aromatics like walking into a flower garden. Balanced finish with bold mineral acidity. Excellent  26.99/bottle


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           - Peter Hemenway




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