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2019 Tenuta Capofaro Malvasia Bianco Secco Didyme

Enhanced Aromatics from Paradise
June 27, 2020


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Tasca d'Almarita


Once again you can have access to the Malvasia Bianco Secco from Tasca d’Almerita. The 2019 Tenuta Capofaro Malvasia Bianco Secco Didyme is from the impossibly beautiful island of Salina.,  one of the Aeolian islands off the NE coast of Sicily. These islands are all volcanic. People have lived here since prehistory. The Tasca d’Almerita family  bought the Capofaro resort in 2002. t they have been making these amazing wines ever since.

The Dydime is floral with crushed herbs, bright fruit and very refreshing salinity

Last time I was on Salina, Giuseppe Tasca, Nino Caravaglio and I were eating at Capofaro. You can see Stromboli, an active volcano across the water. It had a major explosion during our meal. I said, ‘well you really never know what’s going to happen when you hang out with Italian winemakers.’

Anyway this terrific unique wine is worth the wait. I love this.

This offer is a pre-arrival. Dydyme is not imported We order the wines for our customers direct from the winery It will be a month or so before the wine arrives. The many people who took the wine when we last offered it a year ago will tell you that the wait is well worth it.


2019 Tenuta Capofaro Malvasia Bianco Secco Didyme: Pale yellow with green highlights. Enhanced aromatic qualities. Yellow stone fruit with apricot and lemon. Crushed herbs, rosemary and a long bright salinity. Excellent  26.99/bottle


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