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2019 Luis Seabra Douro Xisto Ilimitado Tinto

A Star of the New Portugal
December 9, 2021


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For centuries the most in-demand wines from Portugal were the Douro Ports. These are sweet fortified wines. Way back then they also made really fine table wines in the Douro. Then the Portuguese government ruined that concept by taking away private ownership of land in the sub-regions where the best wines were made. The new coops were only interested in quantity not quality. Then Luis Seabra stepped in.

Luis had been the head winemaker for one of the major Port houses when he decided to revive the quality table wine from the Douro. The 2019 Luis Seabra Douro Xisto Ilimitado Tinto is the result. Everything is done right here. These are very old high elevation vines with extreme diurnal day to night temperature variations. This lengthens the growing season and gives perfectly mature grapes. Spontaneous fermentation is always used and aging is in large barrels. All of this on steep river cliffs and a magic high acid soil called yellow schist (Xisto).  Luis grows several ancient indigenous varieties for this wine which gives great balance and complexity.

This is a wine of transparent purity of fruit and creamy velvety depth. This wine also ages extremely well and is very versatile with food.

2019 Luis Seabra Douro Xisto Ilimitado Tinto: Cherry, rose petal, violet with strawberry, licorice and bright white pepper spice. Moderate tannins, balsamic herb with a savory mineral-driven finish and great acidity.  Excellent 27/bottle  


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