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A Fine and Deep Northern Rhone Syrah

2019 Chave Selection St. Joseph Offerus
March 29, 2022


2019 Chave St. Joseph


Yesterday’s good Rhone deserves another.

Jean-Louis Chave is widely considered one of the finest winemakers not only in the Rhone but in all of France. Famous for his Hermitage, he makes outstanding wines from vineyards across the Rhone in his St. Joseph, his family’s ancestral home. The basic Chave estate St Joseph is in such great demand that it now sells for about a hundred dollars a bottle.

His St. Joseph Offerus is well known. About half its grapes come from younger vines on his estate in Mauves, the rest from neighboring vineyards where his team has charge of the grape growing. After a long, slow vinification, the wine is aged at least a year in older wood foudre and casks. Unlike the estate wine, Offerus can be consumed on release.

2019 is as exceptional a vintage in the northern Rhone as in the south. The Offerus this year struck us with exceptional concentration and depth. While the 2019 is enjoyable now, it should be decanted and will age for several years.


2019 JL Chave Selection St Joseph Offerus; Color: very dark black; Aroma: very deep, very full, very deep rather full, very rich; Mouth: very smooth and dark fine acid core under rich, thick, dense plummy fruit supple underlying tannins, very long; Very Good - Excellent 37.99; Mixed Case, 34.19; Case, $395.88 (32.99)


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           - Len Rothenberg




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