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2017 Marina Danieli Schioppettino

Rediscovered Treasure from the North
May 23, 2020


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Imagine that you have been reincarnated. Your previous  life was in northeastern Italy in 13th century Friuli, say in the commune of Prepotto  near the Slovenian border. When in you were married in a grand ceremony in 1282, the fitting wine was the finest around, a Schioppettino Rosso. Schioppettino was one of those unique Italian grape varieties that received great respect and recognition. 

In the late 19th century the Schioppettino grape variety was nearly wiped out by phylloxera. In the late 20th winemaker named Paolo Rapuzzi restored it from cuttings in the Cialla area. Now its planting is widely encouraged in Friuli. An area treasure is fully recovered.

Marina Danieli and her children farm an estate founded in 1870.  It is one of the best producers who now grow and feature the grape. Her 2017 Marina Danieli Schioppettino shows all this wine’s classic and dramatic traits; pure fruit, violets and black pepper.


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2017 Marina Danieli Schioppettino: Deep ruby. Violets, cherries, raspberries with violet notes and black pepper. Medium bodied with herbs and mild integrated tannin and a pleasant bitter cherry note in the complex finish.  Very Good  to Excellent  21/bottle


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