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2009 Le Guaite di Noemi Valpolicella Ripasso

The New Superstar of Verona
March 10, 2020


Noemi Pizzighella

Allow me to introduce you to Noemi Pizzighella. Noemi started working in her parents vineyards in Valpolicella at the age of eight. Now she runs the entire operation and produces wines at an amazing level of quality. The vineyards are in the hills known as Le Guaite, particularly at the highest elevation in the village of Mezzane de Sotto. Her philosophy comes from her family, who have lived in this beautiful area for hundreds of years.  It also helps that her friend and neighbor, the famous Romano Dal Forno. has been her mentor in winemaking.

The 2009 Le Guaite di Noemi Valpolicella Ripasso is the current release of this stellar wine. Noemi believes that her wine should only be available when they have reached the beginning of optimal maturity. This is a great wine with power and complexity. It also conveys the magical and mystical history of Valpolicella and Verona.

Noemi practices the perfect blend of tradition and innovation to convey respect and excitement. Her motto:

“It’s not about fashion, money, or duties. It’s about love”


2009 Le Guaite di Noemi Valpolicella Ripasso: Deep ruby. Layers of red fruit, Asian spices, and balsa surrounded by a perfectly framed tannic structure. Long, complex textured  finish. Outstanding 61/bottle

Special six pack: 6 bottles of the above for a special price of $311


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           - Peter Hemenway