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2020 Montenidoli Rosato Canaiuolo

from the Land of Light and Peace
June 6, 2021


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I have been saying for years and years that Montenidoli in San Gimignano is a unique and special place. Elisabetta runs the estate with a spiritual appreciation of life. She also makes great wine. Many of you are familiar with how wonderful her white Vernaccias are. She also has a small production of a very special Rosato. The 2020 Montenidoli Rosato Canaiuolocombines the gentleness of a white and the strength of a red. It starts out young and fresh and develops complexity as it ages.

This ancient estate was created by the Etruscans. The Rosato is made with 100% native Tuscan Canaiolo grapes. The soils are calcareous with lots of marine sediments. The farming is strictly organic and the property has very beautiful and complex biodiversity.


2020 Montenidoli Rosato Canaiuolo: Delicate peach color. Raspberries, violets, orange blossoms and cherries with spice and herb notes. Full and very dry with a modulated crisp acidity followed by a very long saline mineral finish. Ages well. Very Good  - Excellent  21.99/bottle


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           - Peter Hemenway




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