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A Variety of Dolcetto
September 20, 2017

Peter writes, "Consider this. Piedmont in NW Italy is home to some of the greatest food and wine in the world. By now everyone who delves into fine wine knows about Barolo and Barbaresco. Dolcetto, however, is still relatively unknown in this country even though it is the 'everyday' wine of Piedmont."

Chionetti vineyard in Dogliani

Chionetti vineyard in Dogliani   

He continues,

            And of course in an area with this level of food and wine culture, the everyday wine is going to be very good. People are also confused by the name Dolcetto which looks like it means “little sweet one”. In this case, though, the name Dolcetto is derived from a geographic description of the Langhe hills. Anyway, the wines are dry and delicious.
           Tonight we will taste six Dolcettos that have different styles and also very much in common. In general, Dolcettos show rich dark fruit and have a characteristic slightly bitter almond finish. The different styles are mainly due to where the vineyards are located.
 The 2013 Federico Ferrero Dolcetto d’Alba Galea is from an area near Barbaresco just outside the village of Mango. The family specializes in producing Moscato and Dolcetto and they do both very well. Elio Grasso is one of the finest producers of Barolo. The 2016 Elio Grasso Dolcetto d’Alba Dei Grassi is not too shabby either.
           Cavallotto is another one of those finest producers of Barolo. The 2015 Cavallotto Dolcetto d’Alba Vigna Scot is from a single vineyard in Castiglione Faletto and shows a spicy complexity. Then we will move over to the Dogliani area. The 2015 Revelli Dogliani Superiore Otto Filari is from the Revelli family who have one of the best properties in Dogliani. This area specializes in Dolcetto and all of the best vineyard sites are planted with it. A couple of years ago Dogliani was awarded the first DOCG recognition for Dolcetto.
           Then we will go to Barbaresco and taste the Dolcetto from Giorgio Pelissero. Do I need to say that he is one of the finest producers of Barbaresco? The 2013 Pelissero Dolcetto d’Alba Munfrina is a textbook Dolcetto with everything in balance. We will finish with the 2009 Chionetti Dolcetto di Dogliani Briccolero. In general we can say that Dolcetto is a wine that does not require much age before being ready to drink. The ones from Dogliani are different and age very nicely. In Quinto and Andrea Chionetti’s case, I have tasted them as much as 35 years old and they were beautiful.


2013 Federico Ferrero Dolcetto d’Alba Galea: Bright ruby. Ripe fruit, hazelnuts, licorice, violets in a medium body format. Very Good Plus 14.99/bottle 13.49/mixed case 12.74/case
2016 Elio Grasso Dolcetto d’Alba Dei Grassi: Dark ruby. Vibrant, balsamic dark fruit. Medium body, good intensity slight bitter almond in the long finish. Very Good Plus 18.99/bottle 17.09/mixed case 16.14/case
2015 Cavallotto Dolcetto d’Alba Vigna Scot: Ruby purple. Dark cherry, almond, white pepper with good structure and complexity. Very Good Plus 21/bottle 18.90/mixed case 17.85/case
2015 Revelli Dogliani Superiore Otto Filari: Deep ruby. Cherry, blackberry and herb. Good structure, long finish. Very Good Plus 21/bottle 18.90/mixed case 17.85/case
2013 Pelissero Dolcetto d’Alba Munfrina: Deep ruby. Dark cherry, plum, good balsamic intensity. Spice and almond in the balanced finish. Very Good Plus 19.99/bottle 17.99/mixed case 16.99/case
2009 Chionetti Dolcetto di Dogliani Briccolero:  Deep ruby. Black cherry and dark plum. Notes of raspberry, bramble and herbs. Long spicy finish with a touch of bitter almond. Very Good Plus Plus 24/bottle 21.60/mixed case 20.40/case


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           - Len Rothenberg


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