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La Spinetta Library Offer

And the Latest From E Pira Chiara Boschis Barolo (2013)
March 7, 2017


La Spinetta Library


Giorgio Rivetti and I talked  15 or so years ago about establishing a Wine Library at  La Spinetta in Barbaresco. Well, he actually did it and now is offering the following selections. The last time I tasted all of these was last May. These all reinforce the contention that there is no better winery in the world.

These are all from great vintages which is easy to say given the track record for vintages over the past sixteen years in Piedmont. There is only one vintage in that time that can be called “bad”. The obvious advantage to these wines is that they are all over 10 years old and the window of mature drinkability is opening.


2005 Barbaresco Horizontal Pack:

Two bottles each 2005 La Spinetta Gallina, 2005 La Spinetta Starderi, 2005 La Spinetta Valeirano



2006 Barbaresco Horizontal Pack:

Two bottles each 2006 La Spinetta Gallina, 2006 La Spinetta Starderi, 2006 La Spinetta Valeirano



La Spinetta Barolo Campe Vertical Pack:

Two bottles each 2004 La Spinetta Barolo Campe, 2005 La Spinetta Barolo Campe, 2006 La Spinetta Barolo Campe



Six Packs:

2005 La Spinetta Barbaresco Gallina: $900

2005 La Spinetta Barbaresco Starderi: $900

2005 La Spinetta Barbaresco Valeirano: $900

2006 La Spinetta Barbaresco Gallina: $900

2006 La Spinetta Barbaresco Starderi: $900

2006 La Spinetta Barbaresco Valeirano: $900


The 2013 Barolos From E Pira Chiara Boschis


Wine Cellar

Over time I have come to identify Barolo and Barbaresco producers’ styles. Some I call powerful, some expressive and some elegant. The word I use to describe Chiara’s wines is “artistic”. She has such a sensibility for fine art it cannot help coming through in her wines. The 2013 E Pira Barolo Via Nuova is a blend of Chiara’s holdings in Barolo and Monforte. This is a young, powerful, and expressive wine. The 2013 E Pira Barolo Mosconi is from her vineyard in Monforte. This is always a distinctive wine and exhibits the unique character of the vineyard. The 2013 E Pira Barolo Cannubi from the most famous vineyard in Barolo is very interesting to me because you can actually perceive authentic Cannubi character in the wine.

There is such a demand for Chiara's Barolos they are always highly allocated. Chiara has said she will do her best to fill all of our orders.


2013 E Pira Barolo Via Nuova:  89/bottle

2013 E Pira Barolo Mosconi: 99/bottle

2013 E Pira Barolo Cannubi: 105/bottle

Special mixed six pack: 2 bottles each of the E Pira for a special price of $528

Special mixed case: 4 bottles of each of the E Pira for a special price of $996


Order by phone at 617.367.8605, or reserve here: peter@federalwine.com


Please pass this on to any friends who are wine enthusiasts.


           - Peter Hemenway