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2015 Chateau d’Yquem
September 20, 2017


The reviews so far indicate a must buy for any oenophile wishing to drink the epitome of what Sauternes can be. I have not yet had this wine but I have been privileged to taste many “classic” past vintages of d’Yquem. The underlying quality of these vintages was the balance and layering of fruit, sweetness, and acidity. This theme is repeated in every review of the 2015. The descriptors used by each reviewer may be different but the thought all are trying to convey is one of awe, respect, and reverence. As this wine should last for decades, my advice would be to buy multiples of 375ml, 750ml, and maybe even a larger size (if one has good genes/patience).
Delivery should be Jan/Feb 2018. All prices are net.
Payment is due with confirmation of order.

750ml $359
375ml $185
1.5L $725
3L $1550
6L $3200


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           - Len Rothenberg