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2015 Ch La Sauvageonne Terrasses de Larzac
May 29, 2019


The Terrasses de Larzac is an upland area in Languedoc that is making some very fine wines. There southern sun makes for hot days for ripeness; high altitude, cool night to preserve freshness. At Gerard Bertrand’s flagship estate grenache grown on schist, breadth; Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan on red soils give finesse and definition to a wine with Rhonish richness. This is an intriguingly full wine for the summer grill.


2015 Ch La Sauvageonne Terrasses de Larzac - Organic- Biodynamic; Aroma: Heady rather sweet very dense, very spicy, very full; Mouth: Dense heady very sweet, bright acid, fullish, bright deep intensity, earthy finish; Excellent 37; Mixed Case, 33.3; Case, 31.45


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           - Len Rothenberg