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2013 Zenato Alanela Rosso Veronese

The Best Value in Red Wine Ever
March 3, 2017


Tower in Tuscany

Zenato is a family run winery outside of Verona who make a substantial range of fine red and white wines,  including Valpolicella and Amarone. The principal red grape variety for these wines is Corvina, blended with a couple of others. So the Zenatos decided to come up with this new red wine strictly as an homage to Corvina. The 2013 Zenato Alanela Rosso Veronese is the result. Alanela means “black wing” and refers to the Corvo bird (Raven in Italy). The wine is made with 50% of the grapes going through a standard fermentation and the other half being air dried for a few months before fermentation to add richness.

When I tasted this wine I immediately went and got Michael and asked him to try it. His reaction was the same as mine. We were both astounded by the quality for money in this bottle.  I’m not sure who came up with the idea for this one, although I suspect it was Sergio and Carla’s son Alberto. At any rate, the wine has incredible richness and balance with pleasantly racy notes of dark cherry, spice and just enough tannin. If you drink a comparably priced Pinot Noir and tried this, you would immediately switch forever.

2013 Zenato Alanela Rosso Veronese: Deep bright ruby. Aromas and flavors of dark cherries, balsam and spice. The richness is balanced by just the right structure. Incredibly versatile with food. I can’t believe I’m saying this at this price- Very Good Plus to Excellent  17.99/bottle


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           - Peter Hemenway